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Brand Story

Palit, a trustworthy name in PC gaming and creator world.


As NVIDIA’s biggest authorized add-in-board partner, Palit Group has been specialized in discrete graphics card manufacture and supplying the global video cards market for more than 30 years.


Derived the brand name from the word “palette,” Palit is dedicated to creating high quality graphics accelerators for the most stunning visual experiences in PC gaming and multimedia creations.


With our experienced crew, advanced facility, and great passion in tech, Palit continues breaking through the limits to bring cutting-edge PC hardware components to users. Taking customers as priority, we also develop deep bond with users and value each feedback to take ourselves up a notch.


Stay Innovative, Stay Gameholic. With our brand motto, Palit is determined to deliver extraordinary experiences to worldwide users and be the leader in the industry.

Strong Organization

The well-structured organization empowers Palit to keep the leading position in the fast-moving industry. We have a 100% own-controlled, ISO 9000/9001 Certified factory in China ShenZhen and a logistic center in Hong Kong that enable us to fulfill end-to-end service and fast lead time.


Other than production, Palit also possesses the capability of research and design. We have perfection-seeking RD team and cooler company at our headquarter office in Taipei. With growing market share, we also established a branch office in Germany to expand the sales network, offering better service to global customers.

Corporate Commitment

Quality, reliability and service are the commitments that we offer to our customers. We are willing to face challenges and will make adjustments to meet our customer's requirements. Our goal is to develop a long-term business relationship with our customers by providing good quality and professional services. We commit to provide efficient and accurate delivery service to our customers. Flexibility is also one of our main advantages that we willing to adjust ourselves to meet the different needs for the different customers. Being a well-know company that Palit will keep growing and maintain our leading position in the VGA card and Video industries.


Our China factory was established in 1992.As a competitive pc peripherals manufacturer; we own 21 SMT lines which daily maximum output is 8.0 million components. Our monthly maximum capacity reaches 1200K, and on-time delivery rate is over 99%. The factories are currently used for a mass production and are all ISO 9000 certified as well as qualified for a number of major OEMs standards. We keep presenting the latest technology and full range solutions to our customers. These factors are crucial to our success in a such competitive graphics environment. All products have been put through WHQL certification to ensure the full compatibility.

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