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Warranty Statement
Palit product warranty policy varies from different countries and distributor’s conditions. The warranty only covers the defects of hardware components under normal usage, and will be void if either the serial number stickers or the circle stickers are removed from on the backside of the product.


Warranty Process
Product warranty is managed by authorized distributors. Please check the return procedure with the local authorized distributors, or the original store you purchased the product from.You can find the authorized distributors from “where to buy.”


Exclusions and Limitations for Warranty
The following circumstances are excluded from Palit warranty coverage.

  • Out of warranty period.
  • Products with modification to the serial number or warranty sticker such as removed, relocated, falsified, defaced, damaged, altered or made illegible.
  • Fraud, theft, unexplained disappearance.
  • Any breakdown or damage to the product that arises from cryptocurrency mining or related activities (e.g., data mining, mining farms, etc.) unless the model is especially designed for mining.
  • The use of inadequate shipment packaging or use of inadequate packing material resulting in damages to the product while in transit.
  • Any addition, alteration, installation, modification, removal, or repair of the product by any non-Palit authorized third parties.
  • Improper or abnormal use by the product user, such as operation error, failure to comply with user manual instructions, outdoor use or storage, improper storage, liquid spill, etc.
  • Any breakdown or damage caused by environmental factor such as extreme temperature, humidity, sand, dirt or improper voltage electrical interference, power supply with inadequate voltage or current output parameters, fluctuation or surges of electrical power, static electricity, electrical source, overloaded electrical circuits, etc.
  • Any breakdown or damage caused by natural disasters, such as flood, fire, typhoon, windstorms, submersion, earthquakes, thunder, lightning, and human calamities such as wars, strike, explosions, accidents, etc.
  • Usage environment that may result in product exposure to water, excessive moisture, corrosion, physical impact, compression, scratches, etc.
  • Cosmetic damages deemed unreasonable usage caused by deep scratches, cuts, cracks, discoloration, neglect, dropping or mishandling the product.

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