PC DIY has been a medium of self-expression. To encourage gamers to show their creativity, Palit introduces the Maker feature for users to add their own designs on the cooler cover and embrace their inventive identity.

Thanks to the special structural design on the RTX 40 GamingPro cooler, users can simply remove the 4 screws on the front cover and add their own designs upon it.

Download 3D Files of
RTX 40 GamingPro Cover

Read through the SOP carefully before the DIY process.

Painting Version: For General Users

The file comes with pre-designed patterns.
Users can simply paint the cover that fits their own style.


Creator Version: For 3D Editing Masters

The file offers a plain cover without any pre-design on it.
Users can take it as basement to design their own cover.


Each version contains two file types. Choose the proper file depending on the dimensions your 3D printer can make.
Standard file: The length is over 300mm.
Two Pieces file: The length is under 200mm.
There’s no limitation for 3D printer whether FDM, SLA or others.
There are 4 screws on the RTX 40 GamingPro front cover. As long as creators didn't remove any part of the thermal or backplate except these 4 screws on the front cover, it won’t break warranty.

Users need to remove the customized design and revert it back to the original condition of the graphics card if apply for RMA.
If any questions or feedback, please comment under the YouTube video, or contact our technical support team at
Email: support@palit.com

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